How to Get Swagger

I have a confession. It’s something I’ve never really admitted to anyone… One of my biggest lifelong problems has been a lack of SWAGGER. Swagger is excessive confidence. A lack of swagger can be a problem because it prevents you from living your fullest potential. If you feel you deserve swagger, you can have it! It’s a […]

Need a job? I’m hiring.

I‘m hiring an assistant. Before you fill out the application, please read the entire post. I need someone who’s great at sales to help me spread my two core messages: how to create your dream career, and how to motivate Gen Y at work. I‘ll be doing more speaking over the next year, and I need an assistant who can help facilitate and […]

How to Create Your Career: Using The Skill-Bridge Technique to Land Great Work

Photo courtesy of Flazingo. To date, Recession Proof Graduate and its accompanying TEDx talk have been read, downloaded, and viewed more than 250,000 times. Since then, I’ve received TONS of feedback from readers, mostly with questions on all the little details I left out. Some common questions include “How do I know which skills I need?” and “What should I say in […]

My Response for The ALS Challenge


It’s been weird to see the success of the recent ALS campaign. It’s weird because my aunt had ALS, and it’s hard for me to associate pouring buckets of ice water and Facebook challenges with one of the most horrific diseases I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I’ve been challenged a couple times to pour ice water […]

The Hard Part about Being an Entrepreneur


I used to think being an entrepreneur was hard. I still think that, but for different reasons. Being an entrepreneur is technically very easy: Solve somebody’s biggest problem. Charge them for the solution.  The secret formula isn’t so secret. Ask people to describe the pain they’re in, and what it would mean if that pain went […]