My Response for The ALS Challenge


It’s been weird to see the success of the recent ALS campaign. It’s weird because my aunt had ALS, and it’s hard for me to associate pouring buckets of ice water and Facebook challenges with one of the most horrific diseases I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I’ve been challenged a couple times to pour ice water […]

The Hard Part about Being an Entrepreneur


I used to think being an entrepreneur was hard. I still think that, but for different reasons. Being an entrepreneur is technically very easy: Solve somebody’s biggest problem. Charge them for the solution.  The secret formula isn’t so secret. Ask people to describe the pain they’re in, and what it would mean if that pain went […]

Play It Away’s Video Trailers


Here are all the videos I did for Play It Away. Instead of just having one trailer to promote the book, I wanted the videos to be standalone pieces of content — a series — about overcoming anxiety. My friends Tim Stiefler and Mitchell Shotts shot and edited the videos. Then Jake Jorgovan put some finishing touches […]

Book Launch Breakdown: Play It Away’s First Month of Sales


Remember my plan for how I wanted to market my self-published book? Well, I followed it. Let me show you how things turned out during my book’s first month… The book was released at the beginning of February. Here’s a breakdown of the sales: 868 paperbacks sold via Amazon (price: $11.69) 925 Kindles sold via Amazon […]

Special Offers for Play It Away Buyers


NOTE: These offers are now closed! Thanks everyone :) This week, I’m doing a one-time promotion, just for people who read this blog. You guys have been rooting for me for years, and I think you’ll really love my new book. To encourage you to grab a copy, I’ve put together three bonus gift packages […]