Outside Influences

I want to present like Steve Jobs.  I want to live like Tim Ferriss.  I want to talk like Larry David.  I want to have honest, moving work like Ricky Gervais.  I want to make observations like Seth Godin.  I want to start a business like Ben Casnocha.  I want to read more than Ryan Holiday.  I want to have financial wisdom like Ramit Sethi.  I want to think like Robert Greene.  I want to tell jokes like Patton Oswalt.  I want to have an extreme lifestyle like Neil Strauss.  I want to play guitar like John Butler, Monte Montegomery, and Paul Gilbert.  I want to invent like Stephen Key.  I want to write lyrics like Brett Dennen.  I want to be an undiscovered genius like John Kennedy Toole.  I want to muse like Kurt Vonnegut.  I want to be fearless like Bill Hicks.  I want to have a vision for changing the world like Larry and Sergey.

Who’s influenced you?

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