Converse’s Meatball Sundae

Meet the “Out of Your League Hot Girl.” I’m not exactly sure who this chick is (although she does look A LOT like Sarah Shahi), but it’s a good thing Converse is paying her to help sell their shoes…

Just kidding.  They hired her to make a viral video.  Congratulations, you marketing geniuses!

I can just imagine how that pitch meeting went.  “This is brilliant, John!  Sex sells AND it’s using the internet!  And it’s going to be a viral video?!  Excuse me while I clean up the walls because you just blew my mind!”  Do companies not realize that viral videos aren’t a good way to make money?** They’re short-lived clips that people watch for about a week (more if you’re lucky), and then just forget about.  Google continues to struggle with Youtube because they can’t figure out how to monetize something that’s been seen by 30 million people.  So why would Converse waste their money on creating videos that have NOTHING to do with what their company does or stands for?

The “Out of your league girl” videos are inherently viral, which is fine if that’s all they’re trying to do.  “Check out how hot this chick is, bro!  It’s not really that funny, but… look how hot she is!”  If Converse is measuring their web campaign’s success based on traffic, they’re in for a pleasant surprise.  But if they’re looking at interest in brand, increase in sales, or anything that matters for their continued success as a company, they aren’t going to find much.

Converse: please fire your marketing agency.  They are wasting your money with cool videos for us that won’t help you.

Converse’s marketing agency: please keep using money from other big companies to make stupid but fun videos.  It’s amazing you were able to trick them into thinking your BS campaign was a good idea.

**An exception to the rule. This viral video definitely resulted in an increase in sales and good publicity for its creators.

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