#1 New York Times Bestseller

I’m still in shock.  The 4-Hour Body is the #1 New York Times bestseller, in the hardest category, at the most difficult time of year.

This was our Mount Everest, and we reached the peak.

I’m super proud of Tim, who’s been working on this forever and nearly killed himself in the process.  I’m extremely grateful that he allowed me to not only tag along during the last year and a half, but actually have free reign to make mistakes and learn during the making of a 600-page book.  Thank you again.  It truly was a dream job for me.

I’m not going to lie, this book was legitimately difficult to make.  I remember calling Ryan last year, as he’d worked with Robert Greene on one of his books, just to see what I was getting myself into.  I remember him saying that it consumed his life, but my experience might be different.  Nope.  He pretty much nailed it.  But as Ryan also noted, how often will you get to have another opportunity like this?

This project has made 2010 very special and memorable for me.  It unexpectedly helped both of my parents lose more than 25 pounds each, and regain their figures from their early 20’s.  It completely eliminated my back pain that’s bothered me since high school (I have spondylosis, scoliosis, and degenerative discs).  It made me a more energetic and happier person.  It opened countless doors for me, and allowed me to meet some amazing people.  But most of all, it’s been the type of project I’ve wanted to work on since the day I graduated.  In these last 20 months, it’s reinforced everything I believe in: work on stuff that matters to you, do something that will add value and help people, and try to disrupt the status quo and make things better for everyone.  This book hit on all cylinders.

There’s a lot more to come from me on just this one topic alone (some of which you’ll eventually see on Tim’s blog), but for now, all I have to say is…

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas, and here’s to an even bigger 2011!

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Charlie Hoehn is the author of Play It Away, Play for a Living and Recession Proof Graduate. His work has been featured on NPR's TED Radio Hour, Forbes, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review. Previously, he was the Director of Special Projects for Tim Ferriss. Currently, he is the Head of Video at Book In A Box. He lives with his wife and daughter in Austin, Texas.

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  2. Nishant

    really awesome man. congratulations! been a long time reader. had a good laugh when i saw your dog being used to compared to scott jureks grocery receipt.

  3. Casey Schorr

    Congrats! That’s impressive. My business partner is reading the book and trying the “20 min nap” thing, can’t stop talking about it ;)

    1. Charlie

      Matt- Can you point out a few that seem dubious? There are hundreds of them, it’d make things easier if you can show me an example of a sketchy review.

      And for future reference, you don’t have to be afraid of putting in a real email address. I’m not going to harass you or anything.

  4. Kent Healy

    Great work Charlie. Must have been a fantastic experience – especially if you ever plan on writing your own book. The industry (and the way books are produced and marketed) is sure different today than even 5 years ago and you guys certainly changed the game… again. I can only imagine all of the work behind the scenes. Congrats and looking forward to the next big project you dream up. Best,

    – Kent

  5. Ivana Sendecka

    Super cool, Charlie!
    You guys, deserve it all and thanks for adding your “bits” (600 pages long) into making this world a better place.
    Merry Xmas wishes from Slovakia

  6. Josh Crocker

    Congratulations Charlie. You’re hard work is being enjoyed by me and many, many others. Merry Christmas!

  7. Jared Goralnick

    Great work, Charlie! So glad you’ve found a place where you could be yourself and give your best…and deliver. Congratulations, and merry Christmas!

  8. Matt Daniels

    Awesome job man. Now all we need is a blog post on the sure-fire way to tell authors on how to launch their books.

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