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NOTE: These offers are now closed! Thanks everyone :)

This week, I’m doing a one-time promotion, just for people who read this blog. You guys have been rooting for me for years, and I think you’ll really love my new book. To encourage you to grab a copy, I’ve put together three bonus gift packages below.


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All of these promotions will END this Friday, February 21st @ noon Pacific.

There are very limited seats for each of these offers, so if you want one, move fast!


Buy 3 Books (Cost $35, Bonuses $60)

Spots: Limited to first 30 people CLOSED

– 2-Hour Book Club Webinar
– Book Bundle: Kindle, PDF, and audiobook
– Aerobie Flying Ring
– Tension Releasing Exercises book
– Charlie’s Daily Schedule
– Go Play wristband
Total Value: $75 (for $35 of books)
Click here to buy 3 copies, then email your receipt AND best mailing address to playitawaybook AT gmail.com with “Triple play” in the subject.



Buy 30 Books (Cost $350, Bonuses: $500+)

Spots: Limited to 8 people CLOSED

– Private 1-Hour Skype call with Charlie
– 2-Hour Book Club Webinar
– Book Bundle: Kindle, PDF, and audiobook
– Aerobie Flying Ring
– Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill
– Tension Releasing Exercises book
– Charlie’s Daily Schedule
– Go Play wristband

Total Value: $500+ (for $300 of books)


Click here to buy 30 copies, then email your receipt AND best mailing address to playitawaybook AT gmail.com with “Grand slam” in the subject.



Buy 300 Books (Cost: $3,500; Bonuses: Priceless)

Spots: Limited to 3 people CLOSED

– Play Day in Austin with Charlie (see slide for description)


– 1-Hour Keynote

Total Value: Priceless (for $3,500 of books)

Click here to apply for the Pennant!


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Again: All of these promotions will END this Friday, February 21st @ noon Pacific.

There are very limited seats for each of these offers, so if you want one, move fast!

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Update: I’m very happy with sales for Play It Away. The book hit #1 in the Stress Management category on Amazon, thanks to a handful of press pieces hitting at the same time. If you want to check out some of the recent articles and interviews I’ve done, here you go:





“My friend Charlie Hoehn has a new book about anxiety out called Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety. I think it’s great and you can read my review on Amazon.”

Feeling Burnt Out? Attention workaholics, my friend Charlie just wrote this INCREDIBLE book on how to construct a fun and playful life while still working hard. Even for those that currently have depression or anxiety unrelated to work, this should be your new bible. Get back to feeling good!!! You deserve it.”

SUBJECT: “Burnout” – the not so silent killer.

We are now living in a world that demands more of us than any other time in human history. Technology has allowed us all the ability to work faster, smarter, connect easier, and breakthrough the roadblocks that have held us back in the past. So what’s the problem? If this is such a gift, why does it feel like we are flying at ludacris speeds yet never getting anywhere? 


I have had this exact feeling of not getting enough done, or not making enough progress, or not being enough (it never stops) and converted that stress into unrelentless drive and ambition. An offensive bulldozing-like energy that is second to nothing…not even my health.  It doesn’t take Einstein to realize this is not a sustainable model of living a good life, but at times I find myself right here. Burnt-out.


This is exactly why I have such a passion to free as many people as I can from the shackles of a life without freedom. The ability to actually create your dream life and to wake up every day with purpose. Ironically, when I was writing “App Empire,” and building the company that now has over 2,000 students. I let the steadfast “offense” blinders push me into a zone of anxiety, weight loss, fear, and depression.


When I was in the middle of it, I remembered that even in the midst of despair, we always have a “Get out of Jail” card. On that thought,  I pulled mine out and called up a recent friend of mine. Charlie.


Charlie was a young gun that had worked with some incredible, influential authors. Notably: one of my favorites, Tim Ferriss. To say Charlie is a very talented marketer, visionary, and brand strategist is an understatement. He is the guy you bring in to make an immediate checkmate on the chess board. Charlie was a big part of App Empire’s success, and the insurance on my mission.


There were many sleepless nights and we pushed ourselves beyond our limits to get everything done. After our very successful launch, I wanted to keep Charlie a part of everything. We worked very well together, but I could tell Charlie’s mind was on other things. Charlie decided to move on and put his energy into writing an incredible book that has helped me and others dramatically, called “Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety.”


Here is an incredible post on the Four Hour Work Week blog by Charlie reflecting on his journey beating burnout and anxiety during his time working for Tim Ferriss, and then again on App Empire.



Make sure you read this! This is something I know you’ll relate to.


To facing your demons,


Chad Mureta


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Charlie Hoehn is the author of Play It Away, Play for a Living and Recession Proof Graduate. His work has been featured on NPR's TED Radio Hour, Forbes, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review. Previously, he was the Director of Special Projects for Tim Ferriss. Currently, he is the Head of Video at Book In A Box. He lives with his wife and daughter in Austin, Texas.

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