Hi, I’m Charlie Hoehn. I’m a marketing strategist, author, and keynote speaker.

After a virtual internship with Seth Godin in 2008, I went on to advise many bestselling authors and prolific entrepreneurs, including Ramit Sethi and Tucker Max. I was hired by Tim Ferriss as his first full-time employee. We worked together for three years (as his “Director of Special Projects”), with the high point being the launch of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Body.

My most recent book, Play It Away — which was called “The cure to your stress!” by Tony Robbins — sold thousands of copies, and is the #1 Google search result for “anxiety cure.” My first book, Recession Proof Graduate, was one of the “Top 10 Audiobooks on Audible.com” (May, 2015) and was called “Epic for young people starting out” by Noah Kagan, founder of SumoMe. 

I’ve spoken at the Pentagon, TEDx events, universities, conferences, and military bases. My work has been featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Fast Company, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and many others. I live in Austin, Texas.

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I’m a marketing strategist for big thinkers.

If you’re a startup with a world-changing mission, I’d love to hear from you (click here).

I’m also the author of these books (click to see them on Amazon):

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I’m a keynote speaker. I’ve presented at the Pentagon, TEDx (3 times), military bases, startups, associations, and universities.

I’ve been the behind-the-scenes guy for big launches, with brilliant people like:


And I have a brilliant team of people helping me. I couldn’t do it without them.

I’m the founder of Dream Clients and Land a Job You Love, two courses that have taught over 600 people how to find meaningful work and get hired more efficiently. It’s perfect for freelancers who are frustrated with job hunting sites (e.g. CareerBuilder), and want to work with people they look up to.


I’m the creator of The 10-Day Anxiety Fix, a free email and Youtube course that’s helped thousands of anxiety sufferers around the world.

I’m a creative director and videographer. I’ve been editing video for 12 years, and LOVE IT. Seriously, if you need any video work, please contact me. To see more of my work, click here.

Here are my most popular articles:

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I’ve worked with a wide range of amazing people — bestselling authors, Hollywood moguls, investors, startup founders… all the way to app developers and dog toy makers.
For three years, I worked with Tim Ferriss as his Director of Special Projects. Together, we launched The 4-Hour Body, among many other wild and crazy endeavors.

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Alongside Tucker Max and Nils Parker, I was a co-host for The Mating Grounds’ Helping Joe podcast series, which had 20,000 devoted listeners each week.

I’ve been featured on the following media outlets:

Currently, I live in Austin, where I collaborate with talented people, host a recess group for grown ups, occasionally do improv, and create fun videos with my wonderful girlfriend.

I miss my family and friends in Colorado and California, and I really ought to visit more.


You can connect with me on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook.

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Author, Play It Away

In May of 2013, I published a lengthy post called How I Cured My AnxietyWithin two weeks, the post was read and shared by tens of thousands of people. I received hundreds of messages from anxiety sufferers all over the world. For the past few years, my article has been the #1 result on Google for the search “cure anxiety” – right above Oprah.com.

My post was honest, but it was incomplete. It didn’t contain everything that helped me; only my first major breakthrough. I wanted to share all of the techniques that put my life back on track and healed my pain. So I wrote a book called Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety (available in paperback, Kindle, iBooks, and PDF). It was featured in Fast Company, and called “The cure to your stress” by Tony Robbins.


Editor/Marketer, The 4-Hour Body

For three years, I was Tim Ferriss’ protégé and “Director of Special Projects.” I had the good fortune of helping him edit and market The 4-Hour Body. The book went on to sell more than 775,000 copies in North America, it hit #1 on the New York Times and Amazon.com bestseller lists, and is still in the top 10 most highlighted books on Amazon.

For the pre-launch, I was the producer and strategist for The Land Rush campaign, which resulted in more than 15,000 copies of the book being sold in 72 hours. I was also the primary point of contact for more than 10,000 customers and dozens of sponsors.

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Author, Recession-Proof Graduate

In 2009, I self-published a 30-page guide called Recession-Proof Graduate. After landing a handful of dream gigs, I wanted to help other college graduates who were struggling to find meaningful work — or any work — during the recession.

Since its release, RPGrad has been viewed more than 200,000 times. In May 2015, it was one of the Top 10 Audiobooks on Audible.com. The book has helped thousands of people — young and old — get un-stuck and find direction in their careers. I’ve updated the manuscript a number of times since, and it’s now over 80 pages long with numerous case studies.


Speaker, TEDx Talks

I’ve been invited to speak at three TEDx events: Santo DomingoCarnegie Mellon UniversityMission San Jose High School.

The New Way to Work” has been viewed more than 130,000 times. “The Power of Play” has been viewed over 80,000 times.


Creator, Land a Job You Love

In July 2015, I released my first online course. Over 600 students have gone through it, learning the strategy to make a living doing fulfilling work. The course is primarily intended to help freelancers and talented people who aren’t having luck spamming out their resumes and cover letters.

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Creator, The Recess Project

I created The Recess Project to help spread the power of play. We work with teams to make them happier, healthier, and more creative. Our mission is to help the overworked, to combat stress and burnout, so that we can be a healthier and happier society.

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Guest Lecturer, American Dream U & Integrity Academy

I speak regularly on the topics of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Every week, I teach Montessori students (ages 12-16) for an hour at the KhabeleStrong Incubator in Austin. I also speak a few times per year to soldiers and veterans, via American Dream U, on how to successfully transition into the workforce.


Improviser, A Penny Dreadful

In December 2014, I was a cast member in A Penny Dreadful: a 90-minute improvised gothic horror show at The Hideout Theatre in Austin. It was a ton of fun — all four shows sold out, as did our encore show. We were also on KEYE-TV (a local Austin news network), where I got to be strangled on live television.


Marketer, I Will Teach You to be Rich

In 2009, I helped Ramit Sethi create and execute the marketing strategy for his personal finance book I Will Teach You to be Rich. The book hit #1 on Amazon (displacing the Twilight series), and also hit the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

This was my first book launch, where I had the opportunity to manage a team, run webinars, set up email funnels, and create a book trailer.


Videographer, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Tour

In 2009, I went on a nationwide 31-city movie tour with Tucker Max, shooting and editing funny videos to help promote the film I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Every day, I got to work with high-end gear, edit footage in Final Cut Pro, and crack up at the one-liners Bill Dawes came up with on the fly. Easily one of most fun jobs I’ve ever had.


Event Planner, Opening The Kimono

In 2011, I was the producer and head event planner for “Opening the Kimono” — Tim Ferriss’ 3-day book marketing seminar in Napa Valley, with over 130 attendees. I managed a team alongside Susan Dupré. Prior to our event, Susan worked directly with Steve Jobs as Apple’s “Worldwide Event and New Product Producer” (she launched the original iPhone, for chrissakes!)

After several weeks of preparation, hammering out the broad strokes while accounting for all the minutiae, the event went off without a hitch and surpassed all expectations.


Director/Marketer, App Empire Course

In 2012, I was the director and marketing advisor for the App Empire course, which earned $2.6 million in revenue over the course of 10 days. I helped Chad Mureta plan the 2-day shoot, write the outline, direct the course, edit the footage, and launch the product.

The 7-disc course was purchased by 1,200 customers. I also created an email drip sequence to maximize retention and minimize refunds (8%).


Developer, Negotiate It iPhone App

I was the head developer for Negotiate It, an iPhone app I created alongside Ramit Sethi, which helps users save money on monthly bills and fees by using field-tested negotiation scripts. You can read exactly what I went through during the development process in this post.

The app has been featured by O MagazineCBS New York, Women’s Health Magazine, and Lifehacker.


Producer/Editor, The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbooks

I was the producer and editor for Volumes 1 and 2. Each book sold out of its limited run (1,000 copies) in 24 hours.

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Videographer, Kiwi Kite LLC

The first business I started was a freelancing business back in college. I write, shoot, and edit videos — for authors, startups, comedians, and more. I’ve been editing videos and creating corporate presentations for nearly a decade. I started a video-editing business in 2004, making slideshows for weddings, banquets, family events, sports teams, etc. I’ve traveled around the United States shooting promotional videos, helped edit both low- and big-budget trailers for books, and directed multi-disc products.

I also studied videography for years: taking courses on narrative film, religion in film, contemporary television, Hitchcock, photo journalism, photography, and video editing throughout college and high school.

See some of my videos here.


Editor, Tim Ferriss’ Blog

While I was working for Tim, I often edited guest posts for his blog (which gets over 1 million readers per month). Here are some of the posts I’ve worked on.

My written and spoken content has also been featured in these online publications:


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Virtual Intern, Seth Godin

In the summer of 2008, myself and a dozen other students across the globe took direction from the world’s greatest online marketer, helping him develop early content for Squidoo.com. I also co-created an online film school… which was a complete flop. Good learning experience, of course.

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Thanks for checking out my site! Hope to connect with you soon :)

– Charlie