Testimonials from Event Organizers

JoshM“I’ve seen many people attempt to approach the topic of managing stress and anxiety with limited success, but Charlie delivers a message that resonates with everyone. I’ve personally made adjustments to my life after hearing him speak, and many of my coworkers at Tesla are starting to do the same. It’s been a privilege to share the stage with him, speaking about mental health at The Pentagon, Fort Hood, TEDx Santo Domingo, and hopefully more events to come.” – Josh Mantz, Tesla


JoshM“Charlie is one of the most fun speakers we’ve ever had. He’s full of practical ideas, great stories, and so easy to relate to. By the end of his speech, he had all 80 attendees on their feet, playing Rock Paper Scissors with each other. After a long day of sitting and quietly taking notes, it was so refreshing to see the room full of energy and laughter.” – Krisstina Wise, goodLife Companies


FreddyG“I’ve hosted 18 TEDx events around the world, and was lucky enough to have Charlie at our TEDx Santo Domingo event. He is an amazing human being and a true expert at making work happier and less stressful through play. I would have Charlie back in the Dominican Republic in a heartbeat. I can’t recommend him enough.” – Freddy Ginebra, TEDx Santo Domingo


cameron“I absolutely LOVED Charlie’s message to have more fun. He combined research and heartfelt storytelling into a highly relatable presentation. He is a wonderful resource to the field of mental wellness and we cannot thank him enough for his contribution. I only wish more of our members could have attended.” – Cameron Vann, Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program


PhilRandazzo1“When we approached Charlie to speak to a group of Veterans, there was no hesitation in his acceptance, and boy did he knock it out of the park! His message was spot on and the audience was truly engaged. We hope his schedule will allow him to speak at all of our future events!” – Phil Randazzo, American Dream U


“Charlie has a unique ability to capture any type of audience and get them to think outside of the box – including innovative hackers and entrepreneurs that never turn off. Instead of the typical internet tycoon, VC, or over-worked startup founder, I wanted to bring in someone with a fresh, philosophical perspective. Even though he was the only one speaking, he had a conversation with every single person in the room. And that influential conversation continued well after he left. It’s very rare to find someone who’s able to give advice to an anonymous audience like they would to their best friend. And that’s what makes Charlie’s talks that much more powerful – you’ll see the tangible effects instantly.” – Anjali Kundra, Startup Weekend

About Charlie Hoehn

  • Keynote Speaker at The Pentagon, Fort Hood, Carnegie Mellon, TEDx events.
  • Author of Play It Away and Recession Proof Graduate.
  • Former Director of Special Projects for Tim Ferriss.
  • Featured by NPR TED Radio Hour, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Tony Robbins.

Speaking Availability

Thanks for your interest. In order to best serve event planners and their audiences, I only commit to one (1) speaking engagement per month.

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Potential Keynote Topics

Audiences love these topics:

  • The Power of Play: How to Maximize Happiness, Creativity, and Prevent Burnout (based on my book Play It Away)
  • “You’re Hired”: How to Land a Job You Love, Even If You Have No Experience and Student Loans (based on Recession Proof Graduate)

I write about play, entrepreneurship, and life. If you want a better idea of my style and message, then feel free to check out my blog, my Youtube videos, or my books.


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Testimonials from Attendees

“This guy is a champion for me. I was giddy with ideas after his speech. I felt energized, as if a rocket had been shoved up my trousers and lit with a match.” – TEDxCMU attendee

“Open, honest, real, and amazing.” – Kevin Coulson, ReThink GNV attendee

“The concept of play was subtle yet, at the same time, mind-blowing. It really puts every relationship in perspective. Simple, calm, but deep and provocative.” – Scott Cutshall, ReThink GNV attendee


Recent Events

  • Texas Lawyers Assistance Program – Austin, TX
  • Wealthy Wellthy – Austin, TX
  • TEDx Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic
  • Executive Women in Texas Government – San Marcos, TX
  • American Dream U – The Pentagon, D.C.
  • American Dream U – Fort Hood, TX

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