How to Build Your Dream Career

“Open, honest, real, and amazing.” – Kevin Coulson, ReThink GNV attendee

Charlie Hoehn has presented to a wide variety of age groups and demographics — corporate executives, tech startups, college graduates, high school students, retirees, soldiers & veterans, and international audiences. He’s spoken to small and large groups, from 20 attendees to 4,000. To contact him about your event, click here.


His talks instruct and inspire. Charlie’s material instills confidence in the audience to take action. His presentations are methodically crafted to change the audience’s behavior. He helps people overcome their fears by showing them the exact roadmap he took to solve his own problems. He is open and honest about what he’s been through, and shows others how to reach their greater potential.

Charlie has played host at a number of conferences. He’s known for being on-point, professional, and light-hearted. He’s quick-witted and at ease on stage, and never panics in the face of a technical glitch. He can quickly solve problems, and easily maintain a calm and happy audience. When attendees feel tired and restless, Charlie finds a way to rejuvenate them. If the audience ever feels lost or confused, he slows the pace down to ensure everyone gets back on the same page. He’s done numerous interactive training sessions, and has broadcasted live to overseas seminars.



How To Create Your Dream Career (What Every Student Needs to Know)

Why do so many graduates end up in jobs they hate? How can they thrive in the face of student loans and a crumbling economy, instead of being stuck living in their parents’ basement? How do we prevent millions from entering into a lifetime of meaningless work?

The truth is that every college student is capable of creating his or her dream career… But first, they must renounce conventional job-hunting techniques. Students need to abandon spamming employers with their resumes, handing out business cards, and accepting traditional internships. Instead, they must go through the STAGES process, which will result in more work opportunities than they’ll know what to do with.


In the first stage, participants set the digital foundation for their careers. The online showcase allows participants to share their talents with the world. This is critical to their success because it gives them control of every potential employer or client’s perception of them – i.e. their Google search results. Rather than relying on a Linkedin account (dry and unimpressive) and Facebook profile (includes unflattering drinking photos), participants will be able to craft their own unique story, which reveals their personality, thoughts, and talents. Over time, with strategic updates, their online showcase will become magnets for amazing work offers and effortless networking opportunities from all around the world.

Step 2: TARGET

In the second step, participants select their “dream job” target. Rather than blasting out resumes to countless job listing sites, they will choose a single ideal client or business that they’d be thrilled to learn from and work with. They are encouraged to target reputable, financially successful entrepreneurs, who work in stable or growing industries. These criteria ensure that participants will land in work opportunities that offer immense learning and personal growth, build up their portfolio and personal network, and have a strong likelihood of a healthy salary.

Step 3: AUDIT

In the third step, participants begin the extensive research process on their target. They will study the target’s website, read through every blog post and interview, jot down mutual contacts, and learn everything they possibly can from an exhaustive online search. While they’re doing this audit, they will take note of any potential problems they deduce their target is facing. After the audit is complete, participants will brainstorm solutions for their target – i.e. ways that they can help the target grow their business, without damaging the integrity of the brand. Once the list of solutions is compiled, the participant will choose their top 2-3 solutions to present to the target.

Step 4: GIFT

In the fourth step, participants will pitch their target. When hiring, employers are primarily concerned with three things: (1) the worker’s ability and enthusiasm to do the work, (2) the cost of paying the worker, and (3) the amount of time spent training them. Participants who utilize the STAGES process remove all three of those barriers.

First, their pitch reveals that they are very familiar with the target’s business, and are enthusiastic enough to propose solutions for their problems. Second, participants remove costs by offering a “free work” trial, or alternatively, a “free gift” – a sample of work that the target can use right away. Third, the participant demonstrates they need minimal training by being familiar with the target’s business beforehand, and having an online showcase that displays the quality of their work.


In the fifth step, participants follow up on what they’ve promised. They must complete the work on time, prove they are reliable, and become an indispensable ally for their target.

Step 6: SELL

In the final step, participants close the deal and get their target to take action. They’ve earned their trust, so they now must successfully transition into a paid working role, ask for referrals to the target’s network, and/or restart the STAGES process by adding the project to their online showcase. Over time, participants will continually improve their skills, build up their portfolio, expand their network, and dramatically increase their rates.

The Preview

Here is a 35-minute webinar where you can get the gist of STAGES and preview about 80% of the presentation:

Here is Charlie’s TEDx talk at Carnegie Mellon, where he teaches students how to use “free work” to kickstart their careers. This presentation has over 100,000 views, and was featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour (click to listen to the 8-minute segment).

The Benefits

Led by Charlie Hoehn, one of the world’s leading experts on the transition out of college and into the workforce, participants in “How to Build Your Dream Career” can look forward to learning:

  • The Recession-Proof Graduate principles that over 250,000 people have learned and used to jump-start their careers,
  • Why resumes, job posting sites, networking events, and free internships can prevent people from creating careers they love,
  • How to set up an online “showcase” that attracts paid work offers in your sleep,
  • Word-for-word scripts that have been proven to result in dream job offers,
  • How to successfully get started as an entrepreneur, which ultimately liberates students to create their own career.

10530755_1430860557197618_3584623245183270134_nCharlie Hoehn graduated from Colorado State University in 2008, during the heart of the recession. After spending months shooting out his resume to more than a hundred companies — and only receiving two interview requests — he decided to change his strategy. He employed the STAGES process, and within a few months, had landed multiple dream jobs. He worked with several New York Times bestselling authors and entrepreneurs (such as Ramit Sethi, Tucker Max, and Seth Godin), and received job offers from billion-dollar companies… and turned them down.

Today, Charlie is the 28-year old author of two popular career books — Recession Proof Graduate and Play It Away. He is the CEO of BookPop!, a marketing company that helps great authors launch great books. He worked alongside Tim Ferriss for three years, helping him edit and launch The 4-Hour Body (#1 New York Times, #1 Amazon overall, over a million copies sold). Charlie has given keynotes and lead workshops at TEDx events, conferences, veteran seminars, and universities around the country. His work has been featured on NPR, New York Times, CBS News, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, FOX Business, Financial Times, and many others. [Full bio here]

The Guarantee

Charlie’s presentation — “How to Build Your Dream Career” — is guaranteed to be effective, entertaining, and empowering. If participants don’t feel that the program has equipped them with the tools, knowledge, and insights they need to kick-start their dream career, then they can request a full “no questions asked” refund.


“When we approached Charlie to speak to a group of Veterans, there was no hesitation in his acceptance, and boy did he knock it out of the park! His message was spot on and the audience was truly engaged. We hope his schedule will allow him to speak at all of our future events as well!” Phil Randazzo, Founder, American Dream U

“Charlie has a unique ability to capture any type of audience and get them to think outside of the box – including innovative hackers and entrepreneurs that never turn off. Instead of the typical internet tycoon, VC, or over-worked startup founder, I wanted to bring in someone with a fresh, philosophical perspective. Even though he was the only one speaking, he had a conversation with every single person in the room. And that influential conversation continued well after he left. It’s very rare to find someone who’s able to give advice to an anonymous audience like they would to their best friend. And that’s what makes Charlie’s talks that much more powerful – you’ll see the tangible effects instantly.” – Anjali Kundra, Startup Weekend Lead Organizer

“I STRONGLY advocate Charlie Hoehn’s method.” – Ryan Holiday, director of marketing for American Apparel, bestselling author of The Obstacle is The Way

“I’m serious when I say it: Charlie’s topic is awesome. It’s been the biggest development in my professional work… ever.” – Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

“Open, honest, real, and amazing.” – Kevin Coulson, ReThink GNV attendee

“The concept of play was subtle yet, at the same time, mind-blowing. It really puts every relationship in perspective. Simple, calm, but deep and provocative.” – Scott Cutshall, ReThink GNV attendee

“This guy is a champion for me. I was giddy with ideas after his speech. I felt energized, as if a rocket had been shoved up my trousers and lit with a match.” – TEDxCMU attendee


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