The 3^3 Project: 2009

Around this time last year, I came up with 3^3 — an idea to endorse genuine word-of-mouth by promoting products and services that deserve recognition.  If the Super Bowl is the day where we stop and appreciate great advertising (and occasionally football), then maybe 3^3 can be a time for us to stop and spread […]

How to market Australia

Or more specifically, the Great Barrier Reef. This contest is one of the best marketing ideas I’ve ever come across.  Here’s why it works so well: It makes everyone obsess over the destination. Before this, I’d never really considered going to the Great Barrier Reef.  I’ve always wanted to travel around Australia, but I never […]

Piggybacking trust

Telling somebody how great you are isn’t convincing.  In order for them to believe your assertion, you either have to prove it repeatedly with your actions (which can take months or even years), or you can piggyback on trust.  Here’s how to do the latter: Pick your target. This is someone who you want to […]



I recently read “Grapevine,” a book about word-of-mouth marketing written by the guys who founded BzzAgent.  It’s a pretty solid book, although I still think Sernovitz’s is a bit more practical for most companies. Here are some of the more important marketing ideas/concepts that I took away from “Grapevine.” Keep these in mind for your […]

The 3^3 Project

It’s almost the end of 2008 and I want to try something different — something fun that will interrupt the relentless stream of business-related posts. Over the year, we all discovered new things that we now love and recommend to everyone.  Restaurants, food, movies, songs, bands, books, websites, articles, Youtube videos, etc.  We recommend them […]